Our Story

Bring on more Bracelets

The idea for LOOPS Bracelets was born from a desire to make cool, affordable design accessories available to everyone. Design makes our lives better in countless ways and our designer wristbands provide a simple reminder to stay upbeat. Whether it’s brilliant color, striking patterns or uplifting messages, LOOPS Bracelets can be positively inspiring. They are made from a game-changing material that is soft and comfortable, yet both water and tear resistant. You can wear them for as long as you like, then change your mind and switch to a new look. So enjoy the feeling and try on a couple for good.

Green Initiative

Our manufacturing partners maintain the highest environmental standards. LOOPS Bracelets are made of high-density polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. We constantly strive to eliminate the waste generated by our production processes throughout the entire production chain. Our bracelet materials are non-toxic and have no impact on forest resources. The manufacturing process uses five times less water than traditional paper production. Through affiliations with trade groups, energy providers, and suppliers, we adopt policies and practices to be in the best interests of our customers and the earth.

Made in America

We support the pride that started this country and use only American manufacturing partners and materials.